Many women struggle through Menopause with temperature and mood swings, night sweats and bedtime overwhelm, disrupting their sleep and making life harder than it needs to be. Our menopause package offers comprehensive support that encompasses sleep coaching, naturopathic analysis and advice to identify the areas of help you need to allow you to get the best sleep possible and experience through Menopause.

You can see our Naturopath or Sleep Coach in any order that suits you.


This session, which usually lasts for 90-120 minutes, will see a full assessment of how your sleep is being impacted by Menopause. This will include a detailed questionnaire to assess the extent of your sleeping issues, your current sleep habits (also called sleep hygiene) and your sleep goals. You will then be given a small task of keeping a sleep diary to track your sleep quality and quantity until you visit the centre again for a follow up session. Finally, we will provide detailed advice and a tailored free prescription of the CleverSleep® nutraceutical supplements (exclusive to Menopause packages) to help us achieve your sleep goals.


An initial consult with our Naturopathic Doctor will see an in depth assessment of general health and hormonal balance and how this is impacting your mental, emotional and physical health through menopause. Following the consultation, you will receive a personalised treatment plan and follow up consults will provide on-going advice and support. In this instance we would highly recommend Hormonal profile testing to get more analysis of your hormone levels and how we can support you to feel more balanced.


You are important and we want to support and nurture you as much as possible during your time at the Sleep and Wellness Centre. During your initial consult you will receive a FREE supply of our CleverSleep® ‘Practitioner Only’ nutraceutical supplements to support you to sleep deeply and restoratively through Menopause. (Exclusive to our Menopause packages).


Every time you visit the clinic for consult, you will also receive a FREE relaxing SleepPod experience to help you feel more refreshed and revitalised. To learn more about our unique SleepPods Click Here.

Type of Package


Sleep Coaching Initial Consult + Navigation Plan + 4 Follow Up Sessions
Naturopathic Consult + 3 Follow Up Sessions
7 x FREE SleepPods
FREE Divine Sleep® welcome pack
FREE CleverSleep® Supplements (3 months supply)



You Save: $519.00

Please contact us on 0800 435 888 if you would like to talk to us about tailoring these packages to meet your needs. If you are not able to attend in person, these consultations are also available via zoom.