Our team is focused on helping our customer’s sleep smarter and live better so they can lead healthier, happier lives. 

We meticulously review the latest sleep and wellbeing research to inform ongoing product development to deliver a range of scientifically validated, natural products that meet any sleep or wellbeing need at any age or life stage.

As leaders in the Sleep and Wellness industry, we regularly publish educational blogs, technical sheets, seminars and research to help educate our customers, retailers and healthcare professionals.

Meet our experienced and diverse team below.

Dr. Estelle de Beer

Doctor of Natural Medicine

Dr Estelle qualified from the Durban University of Technology (South Africa) in 2007, as a Doctor of Natural Medicine. Dr Estelle has been in consulting and treating patients since 2007 but has been working in holistic health care since 2003. Like most people attracted to the healing powers of natural medicine she chose to work in the industry in a health shop, offering one on one support at a retail level & honing her customer service skills and bedside manner whilst building on her academic knowledge at University.

Dr Estelle has vast experience in researching the efficacy of natural healthcare products and holistic treatments; taking them from concept through initial phase testing and into commercialisation and whilst she found this industry based work fascinating, she was ultimately drawn back to working closely with people in order to help them get their health back. As such Dr Estelle considers herself primarily a family health practitioner (the first place to call & hopefully not the last) and is dedicated to treating and supporting people through chronic health challenges, getting to the bottom of what is causing the dis-ease and gains great joy from bringing the body & mind back into balance. Most importantly she considers herself an advocate for preventative healthcare. Dr Estelle has dedicated over 11 years to expertly supporting clients through their most challenging times, it was through this that she realised how disruptive sleep impacted greatly on their overall health and that by addressing their sleep as a priority many of their chronic conditions were resolved, or at very least the severity of their symptoms decreased. Through this first-hand experience

Dr Estelle became madly passionate about the restorative powers of healthy sleep and the vital role it plays in overall health, wellbeing and it’s incredible healing capacity.

Dr Estelle is a current professional member of The New Zealand Association of Medical Herbalists and is a registered member of the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa (AHPCSA) and the Board of Healthcare Funders (BHF). She is also a member of the Homoeopathy Research Institute (HRI), the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and the Global Wellness Institute homoeopathic research.

Estelle is trained in the following modalities;

* Naturopathy

* Phytotherapy (Herbal Medicine)

* Nutrition

* Acupuncture and Acupressure

* Gemmotherapy

* Ayurveda

* Homeopathy

* Tissure salts and Celloids

* Flower Essence Therapies

* Therapeutic massage

Dr. Anitha

Specialist Sleep Consultant

Dr. Anitha graduated from medical school in 1995 and went on to specialise as an Ear, Nose & Throat Surgeon from the prestigious MS University, Baroda, India. She moved to Malaysia in 2001 where she has had over 15 years of experience not only as a Surgeon, but also as a Lecturer and was actively involved in Research around Sleep. She has now settled in New Zealand since 2017 and was the Director of the Advanced Surgical Skills Centre at the University of Auckland as well as continued being involved in Research.

Her fascination with sleep started early on from her career and she has various research projects and publications related to sleep, attended numerous trainings and conferences as well as represented the ENT involvement of Sleep in the Multi-Disciplinary Meetings for patient care.

Dr. Anitha is also an ICF recognized Life Coach. She believes that giving out a prescription or conducting a surgery is only a fraction of what it takes to truly care for a patient. It is really what happens in the appointments, between the appointments and after the appointments that helps and supports the patient to maximise their healing – and this is the support she gives each of her clients throughout their time with her.

What is something that not many people know about Anitha?  She has co-authored an Amazon Bestseller where she has shared her personal story of going through Cancer.

Dr Anitha is available for Specialist Sleep consultations here at the SleepDrops Sleep and Wellness Centre on a Tuesday and Wednesday each week. Click here for Dr Anitha’s calendar.

Terri Candy

Sleep Therapist

Terri is a Sleep Consultant who supports patients diagnosed with disordered breathing and Sleep Apnoea at the Sleep and Wellness Centre. Terri is also part of the EdenSleep and Resmed team and has over 29 years of patient care experience.

Terri studied Environmental Science at the University of Auckland, but soon realised this is not where her passion lay. Upon completion of her degree she joined her father in the Pharmacy industry and hasn’t looked back.

She thoroughly enjoys the patient interaction and the opportunity to make a real difference to the health and wellbeing of her clients. So when an opening came up at EdenSleep this seemed like a great chance to join a global team where one-on-one patient care is still at the forefront of what they do. For more about Eden Sleep and Resmed click here.

Kirsten Taylor

Sleep and Wellness Centre Director

Kirsten is one of NZ’s leading Naturopathic Sleep Specialists and has dedicated the last 10 years exclusively to this very important field.
She is qualified in Naturopathy, Medical Herbalism, Nutrition and has post graduate qualifications in Natural Fertility and Homeobotanical Therapies.
It was during her time in private practice, where she helped infertile couples become parents that she started to see the consequences of a lack of quality sleep.
Kirsten became fascinated with sleep and sleep research and eventually began to tailor her practice so she could specialise on sleep as the foundation for healing.

During Kirsten’s time in her naturopathic clinic, she developed her own range of specialised sleep and stress support products that have revolutionised the sleep market in New Zealand. SleepDrops is an innovative range of sleep products designed to support all ages and life stages. Her passion and vision have now seen the SleepDrops range move into the international market, helping people all over the world sleep smarter and live better.

Since the release of SleepDrops in 2009, Kirsten has helped literally hundreds of thousands of NZ’ers sleep and has been dubbed the nations ‘Queen of Sleep’, appearing on TV, radio, in print, and as a public speaker where she educates the public on the importance of sleep and how to reap its benefits.

It is has been Kirsten’s long-term goal to create an holistic Sleep/Health centre that encompasses the best of both Allopathic Medicine and Naturopathic Sleep Medicine by supporting this with specific body therapies and mind/body medicine techniques; to create a dynamic space where health practitioners that truly understand sleep is the foundation of all health and wellbeing work together and alongside each for the benefit of their patients.