Our Centre is the first in New Zealand to offer sessions in our incredible custom-built SleepPods. Each SleepPod provides an intimate space that delivers an exceptional one-of-a-kind sleeping and meditative experience, with beautifully fitted deluxe mattresses, soft LED lighting, a flat screen TV, controllable air conditioning, headphones and a menu of tranquil guided meditations. This is the perfect space to escape and indulge from the busyness and stress of life.

For those who are wanting to take the experience to the next level, there is also the option to book a session in the Sleep Healing Pod, which is lined with a low-EMF infrared mattress that works to promote deep relaxation and detoxification. The Sleep Healing Pod is ideal for; sleep issues, stress management, detoxification, circulation, muscle pain, joint pain, inflammation, immune support, collagen production and more.

Cost per session:$80.00 $40.00