Case Study – Stress & Anxiety

One of my lovely clients came in to see me desperately looking for answers on how to manage her anxiety. As a busy wife and mother, she knew that it was affecting her ability to cope with daily life and impacting on her sleep. It was also creating embarrassing symptoms, like constantly needing to use the bathroom, of which no cause could be found, and was finally told that it was probably due to stress. Her anxiety and stress were worse during the night, adding to her already disrupted sleep which was super frustrating for her. Her energy levels were low throughout the day and constantly felt restless, anxious and irritated.

Interestingly, she had been having trouble sleeping for years and did not think that feeling this way could be related, but with careful questioning and creating a timeline, I pointed out that her difficulty sleeping had been getting progressively worse and was clearly connected to stressful times in her life. She had tried numerous things from exercise and meditation to trying various changes to her diet, with no improvement. She even stopped working because she was not able to cope, and thought that by being a stay at home mum it would help to get back in control.

At her initial consultation, I went through my Naturopathic testing with her and everything came back normal. She also had a blood test done a month ago with her GP, which were also all normal.

However, the Live Blood analysis I did with her indicated oxidative stress, poor protein digestion and Vitamin deficiency. After careful consideration, I started her on SleepDrops for Adults, Essential Sleep and Stress Nutrients, Daytime Revive, B Vitamins and I made her a Herbal Blend to take regularly.

Within 2 weeks she told me that she was already feeling more relaxed, and her energy levels were better. She was ecstatic that she was no longer waking at night to urinate, and this was also less nagging during the day. Falling asleep was easier. She was still waking at night but was not lying awake anymore for long periods of time.

After only 4 weeks, her mood had improved greatly and she was coping better with stress, and even her family had commented on how far more relaxed she was. I was delighted to hear that she had gone for an interview and was due to start her new job! Sleep was much improved and energy levels were still great. All follow up tests remained normal and amazingly, her Live Blood sample showed no signs of oxidative stress, poor protein digestion or deficiency – after only 4 weeks!

Before: Live Blood analysis shows irregular cells suggesting toxicity and oxidative stress, teardrop cells indicating poor protein digestion and variation of cell size which is found in deficiency of Vitamin B12 and folate.

After: Live Blood analysis is much improved. No irregular cells or teardrop cells seen, and the cells are more symmetrical.

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