Is Sleep Apnoea Disrupting your Sleep?

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  • Sleep Apnoea is a common condition disrupting the sleep and quality of life for one in seven people worldwide.
  • If you, your child or partner snore or wake often through the night you could be suffering from Sleep Apnoea.
  • Read our blog below to help you identify the signs and symptoms of this condition and how our treatment advice.

It’s World Sleep Apnoea day so the perfect opportunity to learn more about this common condition disrupting the sleep and quality of life for one in seven people worldwide.

What is Sleep Apnoea?

Sleep apnoea causes pauses in your breathing while you sleep, eventually waking you up so to help you resume breathing and stay alive! These multiple sleep interruptions prevent you from sleeping deeply and restoratively leaving you feeling exhausted the next day. Sleep apnoea does more than make you sleepy, though. When left untreated, it can contribute to heart disease, diabetes, and other long-term health risks.

The Symptoms of Sleep Apnoea

If you are concerned you or a loved one has Sleep Apnoea, it can be helpful to understand the signs and symptoms, these are:

• You snore loudly.
• Your bed partner says that you snore and sometimes stop breathing when you sleep.
• You sometimes wake up abruptly with shortness of breath.
• You sometimes wake up choking or gasping.
• You often wake up to use the bathroom.
• You wake up with a dry mouth or sore throat.
• You often wake up with a headache.
• You have insomnia (difficulty staying asleep).
• You have hypersomnia (excessive daytime sleepiness).
• You have attention, concentration, or memory problems while awake.
• You are irritable and experience mood swings.
• You have risk factors for sleep apnoea, such as being overweight or obese, drinking alcohol, or smoking tobacco.
• You have a decreased interest in sex or are experiencing sexual dysfunction.

The Treatment of Sleep Apnoea

If you are currently suffering some of the symptoms of Sleep Apnoea we encourage you to book a full sleep health consultation with our expert, Naturopathic Doctor at our Sleep and Wellness Centre.   This thorough consultation will see you assessed for any postural issues and mineral status such as magnesium that could be impacting your sleep. We also work with the team at Eden Sleep so if you are at risk of Sleep Apnoea you will be in good hands. Our onsite Sleep Therapist Terri Candy specialises in Sleep Apnoea.  Terri works for Eden Sleep and is part of the ResMed group of companies that can provide you with a CPAP machine, the gold standard for treating Sleep Apnoea.

In our getting to know the team series, we interviewed the lovely Terri below:

What are the biggest barriers people have to a good night’s sleep?
Modern lifestyle: Busyness, stress and technology. People don’t prioritise sleep.

In what way do you see Sleep Apnoea impacting peoples lives?
Sleep Apnoea directly impacts sleep quality (for the patient and often their bed partner), leaving them excessively tired & irritable. Overtime patients often gain weight due to low energy levels and poor food choices which can make the situation worse, often also leading to depression and/or anxiety about their sleep. Falling asleep driving is also a very real risk.

Resmed are the worlds leading CPAP technology company – what’s it like working for such a big global giant?
I am very fortunate to work for such a dynamic and adaptive company in what has been very challenging times. In New Zealand, we have been a little removed (luckily) from the Global Pandemic, but the communication within the company has kept us all informed about the sudden shift in development and production across many channels to a primary focus on masks and ventilators to assist in the fight against COVID 19. While things are slowly returning to normal, I do feel a sense of pride knowing Resmed fought hard to make a difference.

How long have you been helping people with their sleep?
I have been working as a Sleep Therapist for Eden Sleep for about 18 months.

What made you want to be a Sleep Therapist?
I saw it as an opportunity to use my health care background to really make a difference in people’s lives.

What’s the most rewarding story you’ve been told by one of your patients following them starting on CPAP?
It is not so much a story but more of a quote I hear often:
“This has been a truly life-changing experience, why did I not do this sooner?”

If you are concerned you or someone you love has Sleep Apnoea, book a consultation with our Naturopathic Doctor online here or call 0800 888 345 today. Book this month and receive 50% off consultation.

OR for more information on a Sleep Assessment with Eden Sleep, see our services here.