Traumatic Childhood Experiences and Sleep disruptions in Adult women – a proven connection

The Sleep Research Society have published an in-depth article* linking traumatic childhood experiences (TCE’s) and poor sleep in adult women. Some previous studies conducted have been limited to physical and sexual abuse and the effects on sleep duration, and some that have included physical neglect. This study looks at multiple traumas and their independent as well as cumulative impact on various sleep disruptions and not only sleep duration.

The study was done on over 40,000 women where 55% reported TCE’s, of which 82% reporting betrayal trauma. The results show that women with any TCE were more likely to report short sleep (sleep of less than 7 hours), taking longer to fall asleep (30 minutes or longer), waking frequently during the night, and taking more naps when compared to women reporting no TCE’s. It also showed that out of the women experiencing any TCE’s, those having the shortest sleep reported TCE’s where the perpetrator was considered socially close vs not close. They concluded that Traumatic Childhood Experiences were associated with poor sleep in adult women with greater impact when the perpetrator was regarded as close.

This study confirms what we have known for a long time, that childhood trauma causes insomnia in adult women and men of course. It’s just that women are more likely to experience some kind of trauma in the first 18 years of their life when compared to men.

The fact that this later presents as trouble sleeping is not at all surprising. These things can take time to present themselves but once they do, they need our attention to bring that person back into balance.

It is so important to get to the bottom of why one is not sleeping and what is causing it.

But that is only the first step.

Then we have the exciting journey of working one on one with you in creating a healing journey that you will respond to.

At our Sleep and Wellness centre, we have a qualified and compassionate team of professionals that can help you overcome any trauma without causing more trauma or stress.

We will give you tools to empower you mentally and emotionally and the best therapeutic options to support your physical body and improve your sleep.

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*You can view the article here:

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